Smooth your way to the Internet, whether you’re a one-person team or 10,000 strong.

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Fast, Secure, and Resilient Internet Tunnel

Xatel relies on Web Sockets and Border Gateway Protocol, creating 10 more peer-to-peer connection sessions with world-class ISPs and Internet Exchanges. Also, Xatel has 24/7 standby technical administrators for help. Furthermore, the Xatel iOS App creates connection to the world with just one tap.

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Internet Solutions

We provide everything possible to make an online presence of your business.

# Private & Shared Cloud Servers
# Colocation
# Internet Tunnels
# Scaled IP Transits
# Internet Attack Pressure Examination
# Internet Attack Mitigation Strategies

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For ISPs: Peering with Gnehc

Improve Internet connectivity between your users and Gnehc services. This allows our resources to communicate with each other directly, which reduces threats, such as common exploits, and DDoS attacks. Peering with Gnehc provides a simple and cost-effective way to share resources between global regions or replicate data for geographic redundancy.

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Businesses and Organizations Partering with Gnehc

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