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By making use of Internet out of the box, Gnehc's mission is to connect everyone, everytwo, and everything.

Gnehc dives in the Internet, rolling out Internet-based services, helping teams and businesses with their online presence and next-level Internet applications.

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Introducing Xatel, a fast, secure and resilient Internet Tunnel that improves your Internet connectivity.

Low Latency

Connected to your local Xatel network, results by determining network latency to Xatel Hong Kong network using ICMP protocol is as low as 4.3ms.

Large Bandwidth

By peering connection between high-end ISPs around the globe, Xatel's available bandwidth for data transmission is as large as 10Gbps.

High Availability

Xatel joins dedicated datacenters in local regions, isolated from ordinary home broadband or mobile networks, ensuring connection quality 24/7. Xatel's uptime is as high as 99.9%.

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Using Xatel in some countries and regions violates their applicable laws, check with your current legislation.

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Pacimination is a cloud computing service from Gnehc.

The word Pacimination combinates 'Pacific' and 'Illumination', reflecting the primary achievement of Pacimination of business-level Internet services in the Asia Pacific.

Pacimination is coming in early 2021.

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Peering with Gnehc

Improve Internet connectivity between your users and Gnehc services. This allows our resources to communicate with each other directly, which reduces threats, such as common exploits, and DDoS attacks. Peering with Gnehc provides a simple and cost-effective way to share resources between global regions or replicate data for geographic redundancy.

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